Yaoundé, Cameroun

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betomal Trading & consulting

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(+237) 690 945 659

Our values

Our core Values

Our philosophy

  • Quality Products and Services to each customer: thanks to the quality approach which commits Aleto consulting Sarl to high standards towards its employees, customers and suppliers.
  • Permanent Quest for Excellence through rigorous internal procedures of control and evaluation.
  • Assured confidentiality, constantly controlled approach to ensure confidentiality
  • Culture of Ethics and Integrity, through the rigorous application of the recommendations of the ISO 37001 Standard and the principles of the Global Compact.

Our Ethical Charter :

  1. Refusing to be complicit in human rights abuses;
  2. Providing our customers and partners with only quality products and services;
  3. Fighting all forms of corruption;
  4. Encouraging Honesty and Integrity in all our activities;
  5. Not disclosing any sensitive information about our customers and partners;
  6. Elimination of all forms of discrimination in hiring and career development;
  7. Encouraging the development and use of environmentally friendly technologies;
  8. Supporting the economic development of the Regions where Betomal Trading and Consulting Sarl is established or carries out its activities;
  9. Respecting local cultures;
  10. Committing to humanitarian causes.